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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday Wholesome Sweeteners receives numerous questions about our products. We have compiled a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Just type a keyword in the search field and a list of possible answers will pop right up.

Of course if you need additional information, please contact our Customer Service team through the website by clicking here.  Customer Service can also be reach by phone at 1-800-680-1896.  Our lines are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST. 

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Q: Are Wholesome Sweeteners' organic sugars processed through bone char?
A: No, all of Wholesome Sweeteners' sugars are vegan.  We do not process sugar through bone or animal by-products.

Q: Are the bottle and cap of Organic Pancake Syrup BPA free and recyclable?
A: Yes, both the bottle and cap are BPA free and recyclable (#5 Polypropylene)

Q: What is the expiration date for Organic Pancake Syrup?
A: Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Pancake Syrup currently has a 2 year shelf life from its production date. It should be refrigerated after opening.

Q: What is the source of the Organic Caramel Color in Organic Pancake Syrup?
A: Organic Sugar Cane

Q: Why is there Organic Caramel Color In Organic Pancake Syrup?
A: The organic caramel color is present in the Natural Flavor.  It is not added to the product formula.

Q: Is Organic Pancake Syrup kosher?
A: Yes

Q: Is Organic Pancake Syrup suitable for vegans?
A: Yes

Q: Is Organic Pancake Syrup USDA Organic?
A: Yes

Q: Is Organic Pancake Syrup Non-GMO Project verified?
A: Yes

Q: What are the ingredients in Organic Pancake Syrup?
A: Organic Invert Sugar Cane Syrup, Natural Flavor (Organic Caramel Color)
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